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AvP Requiem

These 2 are by far the best releases by Hot toys to date in this range, the Predalien goes way beyond cool as does the "wolf"

The Predator was knicknamed the 'wolf' on set after Harvey Keitel's famous character from Pulp fiction as this fella is called upon to mop up all the mess!


The Wolf and Predalien face off!

Here he is with that funky whip


Close-up showing the outstanding detail

Right down to th gammy eye and bad complexion!

Doing the jive?

Take that evil alien creature thing!

The Predalien is simply awesome

The jaw extends just like the original alien models

Nice dreads, shame about the face!

High 5 dude! The Predalien towers over the standard Alien figures, at full tilt nearly 18 inches tall!

So, I told him, look here you silly predator


Get's even scarier when you stand him next to a humble Marine!



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