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I new it was a bad mistake as soon as I slipped the DVD's in and decided to watch all the Predator and Alien films again. Just inviting trouble and a weekend on ebay later.........

Couldn't decide where to put this little fella so here he is with his bigger brothers, the miniature is from Heresy


All the Hot toy figures are outstanding. See those bristles on his head, all had to be glued on seperately, all 80 of 'em!

The Eldar in all his glory


The detail is very nice, the Eldar's custom helmet clips onto his pauldron

The Celtic Predator, probably has one of the funkiest helmets which I, erm, seem to have neglected to take a picture of!

The rear of the Predators, those dreads gotta take a lot of conditioning!

The lances are actually telescopic too! Ahh little things....

The star of the AVP film is the Scar Predator

The blaster is fully functional and fires a super heated ball of plasma, great for keeping the cats out the garden!

Something I never noticed on the films, all Predators carry a sword strapped to their boots


Chopper predator, not the sociable type if that collection of skulls is anything to go by!

Looks like they cornered an Alien, BAH, my money is still on the slimey one, bunch of slag jawed long haired faggots


Looks like the Alien just bitch slapped him, that's gotta smart

"It as him, it was him"!

The latest release, Ancient Predator.

You will see him stood atop the Pyramid for a few seconds of the AvP film, go on, have a look now!

His armour is patched up like he has really been in the wars, got himself a nice Alien lollypop though!

Predators from the Predator 2 film

The dreads are made form a much more flexible rubber than the originals

Close up showing details, note the old flintlock pistol and piercing in the jaw

Bodystocking, so yesterday...

Nice hat though

Pic showing detail of face


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