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M26 Pershing

January 1945, as the U.S. forces were planning their advance into Germany, a long awaited new tank arrived at last. For the U.S. forces who had suffered dearly under the might of the German armour, at last came a tank that promised to hold up against teh wrath of the German Tiger and Panther tanks. After the outbreak of the Korean war in 1950, this tank would take on Soviet T34/85 tanks in fierce armour to armour combat. This tank, which was on the forefront of mechanized combat technology of its time and reigned supreme in the world of armour was, was the M26 Pershing

ABSOLUTELY love this little fella, IMHO the best WWII tank kit tamiya has to offer. Superb performance and a great looking model..go buy one now!!! NOTICE the footprints on the rear engine deck. I actually cut glued foam onto the sole of a 1/16 boot then cut the tread out with a craft knife, then a simple process of 'potato printing' it onto the tank (yeah, I know, I gotta get out more) :OP


By far one of my favourites amongst the Tamiya kits is the M26, sounds awesome and watching that suspension working as it rides over the bumps is hypnotic!

The business end, that's one BIG muzzle brake!



The exhaust has been opened up and, as with all my other tanks, features a throttle linked smoke generator...funky!

Added a few sandbags here and there, its the very least I could do now the Jagdtiger is on the scene!

The driver, snug as a bug in a rug...

Commander and loader take a breath of fresh air

Wipe your feet next time you climb on board my tank!

Nice view of the stowage addorning the turret

Note the straps made from insulation tape and painted to suit

Needs a spring clean!

Birds eye view



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