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Colonial Marines and more Aliens!

I new it was a bad mistake as soon as I slipped the DVD's in and decided to watch all the Predator and Alien films again. Just inviting trouble and a weekend on ebay later.........


These are the 3 currently available marines from Hot toys, Apone, Hicks and Vasquez

Drake, Hudson and Ripley are on order!

Close-up of Hicks, the usual high standard of detail is evident


Pure class

'I keep this handy for close encounters'!

Sergeant Apone sporting the flame thrower

Close-up showing more detail, note the binocs and other accessories

Vasquez, the detail on the smart gun has to be seen to be believed!


looks like he's been working out


'Yo, drop your linen and start your Grinnin'

'Game over man, game over'

The Aliens stand 16" tall

The Jade goody workout video really stood the test of time...

Needs a little mouth wash me thinks

Many points of articulation allow some brilliant poses, looking forward to some fun shoots

Disco Diva

Heeeeere comes troouble!

'You want some, YOU WANT SOME. Aaaargh!'

Hudson dispatches another Facehugger. BLAT!

Oops, seems he missed that one!

The new limited edition Brown Alien from Hot Toys



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