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The Elefant tank destroyer fell somewhere between earlier lightly armoured 'lash-up' designs, such as the Nashorn, and the successful Panther-based Jagdpanther.  Based on the PorscheTiger design (and initially known as Ferdinand after Ferdinand Porsche), the Elefant was one of the first German vehicles to carry the long-barrelled 88mm (3.46in) flak gun. The full designation of this gun was the PaK 43/2 L/71, the suffix indicating that it was 71 calibres long.

This is my version of the Elefant tank, based on the King Tiger Chassis (which I had spare from the Panther project) its very much a 'what if'? sort of set-up. What if the Elefant hadnt had such a disastrous debut on the eastern front had been developed throughout the war?


Dumbo on Steroids...

That 'ol '88 luvin....

Close up of the right hand side showing the toolbox and rod tube (or is that where they keep the spicy sausages)?

I used the original King Tiger hausers and painted the cleaning rods in the catching red/white colours to break up the camo scheme

Close up showing the engine deck detail

The original King Tiger running gear was kept in place, doesnt bother me, still meets my critera of being loud and having flashy lights :O)

Not very aerodynamic

Roof detail

Can always rely on a liberal dowsing of mud to hide mistakes :O)

The whole citadel simply lifts off for access

Nice top-down view showing the camo scheme

The travel lock works too! shown here in its travel position

Travel lock released and ready for action!

The weld joins are made from readily available paint filler from the local shop, cheap n cheerful :O)

Close-up of the engine deck


New Crew member!



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