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Here are a few pictures of my collection of AIRSOFT weapons.Currently includes the following; G36 Assault rifle, G3 SG1 Assault rifle, P90 SMG, M12 SMG (for wannabe pimps), Spas 12 Shotgun, M870 shotgun, PSG-1 sniper rifle, M60 Piglet MG, M60 (full length) MG, M249 Minimi SAW, Barrett M82, SVD Dragunov and finally a Beretta M92FS pistol!The SMG's have laser sights and 'Surefire' Tactical lights attatched, the G36 also has a night sight and grenade launcher fitted!

The SL9 is a custom build from a standard G36 + Star SL9 kit, couldn't find a silencer to fit the unthreaded barrel so a couple of hours, some copper and plastic pipe and bob's yer uncle, a passable silencer for that true 'Hitman' look :O)



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