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Boba fett Suit!

Well, one day I woke up and, as you do, I just thought " I am going to make a wearable Boba Fett suit' And here it is! There is everything uses on this thing from carpet tiles to coffee cups! The detail is astounding too, every scratch and mark was copied form the reference books available. All the pouches open and there are the various tools in the pockets. Absolutely and utterly enjoyed making this, very different from my usual practices :O)


Most of the scratches and marks match in with the original prop, I worked from the excellent colour reference books which were available at the time

All the 'armour plating' is actually made from carpet tiles!


The right hand wrist guard

Left wrist guard, notice the gloves, couple of pounds from the local shop, a lick of paint and they look the part!

Hand-painted insignia

The boots were built around some cheap slip-ons I picked up on the local market

The blaster is actually built around a toy Magnum handgun, cost me a whole pound from the local bargain shop!

There are coffee cups and washing up liquid bottles in there somewhere!

Close-up showing detail on backpack


An assortment of tools which are secreted in various pouches around the suit, again these are modelled from reference pictures from books

Currently on a dress makers dummy so the shoulders are not as filled out as they should be, hence the shoulder pads being in a lower position than they should be

Carpet tiles make up the panels on the breast plate!

Old spark plugs came in handy here!

The helmet was purchased from ebay and repainted with a few details added and a dark visor added

Built in true Blue Peter fashion, spot the coffee cups and washing up liquid bottles!

A selection of the tools that Fett sports from the film

Close up of the boots and a faithful replica of his rifle, based this ona toy magnum, pretty sure the original was based on the same gun


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