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Here are a few pictures of my collection of AIRSOFT weapons.Currently includes the following; G36 Assault rifle, G3 SG1 Assault rifle, P90 SMG, M12 SMG (for wannabe pimps), Spas 12 Shotgun, M870 shotgun, PSG-1 sniper rifle, M60 Piglet MG, M60 (full length) MG, M249 Minimi SAW, Barrett M82, SVD Dragunov and finally a Beretta M92FS pistol!The SMG's have laser sights and 'Surefire' Tactical lights attatched, the G36 also has a night sight and grenade launcher fitted!

The SL9 is a custom build from a standard G36 + Star SL9 kit, couldn't find a silencer to fit the unthreaded barrel so a couple of hours, some copper and plastic pipe and bob's yer uncle, a passable silencer for that true 'Hitman' look :O)

New to the collection - M4 Dagger, UMP 45, Tavor Tar-21, G36K, DSR-1, Scar L, AUG A3, M60 Mk43, Stoner LMG, MP7, Masada PTS, F2000, Glock 18c, CZ75D and Multiple Grenade Launcher!


Airsoft Videos!

max pimpage

Can Massacre!



From top to bottom; Spas 12, Beretta M92FS, M11, G36, P90 and M870


From top to bottom; M249 Minimi SAW, M60 and M60 Piglet

Sniper Rifles

Top to bottom; G3 SG1 and PSG-1

Stupid name, effective killing tool

Maruzen M870

Make's you feel like a REAL manI sleep with it under my pillow

Tokyo Marui AK47S

I suddenly realised that I didnt have an AK, WOW I thought, every man  and his grandmother owns a real steel AK and I havent even got a toy one, had to be rectified, my manhood feels intact again! :OP



So damn sexySo damn sexySo damn sexy

So damn sexySo damn sexy

King Arms Spring Dragunov

Possibly the most beautiful gun in the world? A true classic! The sight is a 8x42 POSP straight from Russia!

I also have the black furniture kit for those tactical roles!

With all this crap, it's like carrying a Howitzer

The Tokyo Marui HK G36C is starting to beef up now, thats a night vision sight, laser dot, tactical torch and grenade launcher..hefty piece of kit!

Smack My Bitch Up!!!!

KSC Mac 11-A1 (gas)

22 rounds A SECOND!

The choice of pimps worldwide

You wanna war!!??!!  I'll give you a war you won't belieeeeeve!!!!

TOP M60, big and heavy for all those Rambo wanna-be's

Squeel Like a Piiiiiiig!!!!!

Its little brother, the M60 piglet, basically the same gun but a little shorter

I sahll call him..... Mini Me.....

TOP M249 SAW Minimi, bloody fantastic!

No need for a pillow

Tokyo Marui FN P90, one of my all time favourites, so comfortable you would have thought it has grown there...

In Yer Face!!!!

TM Spas 12, a brute of a shotgun!

I fitted the short barrel kit, well, you just gotta havent ya ;OP

BOOOOM HeadShootBOOOOM HeadShootBOOOOM HeadShoot

SL9 Sniper Rifle,Refit 2012. Tightbore barrel, accelerator bucking and 110 spring as well as a new bipod and my own spin on selector switch images :OP

Will eventually upgrade the whole gearbox in this thing but this will do for now...

Pistol Whip ma Bitch

Western Arms Beretta M92 FS

Ma Piece in Pieces

Another shot of the M92


With all this shit, who needs armour?

This is what I term as my 'TacRack' I still dont understand how the stand is actually still upright with all that crap on it. There are about 4 tac vests, holsters, helmets, backpacks and various other pieces of weird and wonderful equipment on there!!!

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

The Tokyo Marui MP7 (AEG), in its compact form, very nice Walther Multi-reticle sight fitted, shiny...

regular little box of surprises!

Stock extended and front grip dropped, I prefer it in its machine pistol form to be honest


Pass the tissues......

Big IS beautiful! The Barret M82 .50 anti-material rifle. Dont even bother loading it, just wave it around and watch them run!

'I call her Vera' ;O)

Thats a 9x scope mounted, yeah way too much overkill for airsoft but it looks the part dont it :O)

This is the limited edition VFC 8mm gas btw...naaaasty!



Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

M700 A.I.C.S.(L96)

Totally solid airsoft rifle, pre-ban adjustable power version

Beautifully crafted gun and very comfortable to shoot. Totally accurate too!

Close up of the stock and bolt system, nice smooth action with a satisfying ker-chunch :O)





Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Ares M60 Mk43 mod 0

Really nice solid piece of kit, holds 4000 rounds too!

Pass the tissues......

Roof mounted Road Rage system, Guaranteed to get you a parking space at the local Super market!

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Pass the tissues......

Another Solid gun from Ares, quality on this beast is outstanding

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

VFC M4 Dagger fitted with 4x ACOG scope

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Ares DSR-1 Stripped this cleaned, replaced seals, bucking, etc. Re-painted also, toned down the grey from the original as I thought it was a little bling. Love the illuminated scope!!!

Also runs on CO2 mags now!

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

AUG A3 and Tavor TAR-21

These things really are the bees knees, solid, HEAVY and outstanding performance straight from the box!

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Little project of mine using an old ally case I was given, cut the inner case around the guns and they fit snuggly together with all the equipment!!!

Guns are the Glock 18c (electric) and CZ75D Compact (CO2, real pocket rocket)!

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

F2000 and the Multiple Grenade Launcher, 6 grenades in rapid succession FUN!

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Masada PTS sporting a very nice Specter 4x Scope

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

My first custom build! I present the Bulldog CQB Masada special 'Shock and Awe'!!!

Added a metal hop unit, air seal tube, rubber and 'x' nub. Also a little structural work on the EGLM required to make it fit snug. All in all really enjoyed the experience, I'm sure it won't be the last!

Specter 4x scope and Peq-15 laser/light box also added

Weighs in at 4KG, 28 inches long


Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Little fun here! I present the Bulldog 'Zombiebane'!!

M4 Dagger, 2500rnd C-mag, moscart mini grenade launcher, peq-15 laser/light unit and ACOG 4x illuminated scope. Compact little number (22" with stock fully retracted) perfect for those sudden undead outbreaks where you simply don't have the time to unpack your assault rifle :OP

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Pass the tissues......

Scar L, Ghost recon special!

EGLM, peq-15 laser/light unit, Eotech style holographic sight, Eotech 4x magnifier. Nice solid weight of 5KG. Complete with quick change CQB barrel for times when those couple of extra inches can cause problems ;)

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

The Ares UMP (new version). Because now I fitted the box mag to the P90 I was lacking a gun with stupidly proportioned Mags!

Solid little workhorse, features blow back feature, folding stock and realistic breakdown. Pictures show the available suppressor kit. 340fps stock out of the box!

I re-sprayed this to match in with the DSR-1 loadout...cant beat matching collars n cuffs ;)

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

Bulldog 'Firestorm'

G36K, AG36 launcher, 2500rnd C-mag, grasshopper bidop. Tightbore and mosfet fitted

Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......Pass the tissues......

The TM P90 and I have been together for over 6 years now and she still outshines many of the newer guns in my collection even though she is 100% stock internal, good old TM :)

Anyhow, decided to treat her with a makeover and new 'Stargate' style harness..bless her

G & G SIG 552

Added a RIS Foregrip. While not intended for the G & G model with a little filing and a gentle nudge here n there with the hammer it can fit nicely onto the GnG model. Looks pretty cool too!

G & G GR14 HBA-S. A fantastic rendition of the M14 EBR (Enhanced battle rifle)

Shown in a DMR role and a few battle rifle configurations with various scope options

Couple of offerings from G & G

The TR16 CRW (Gen 2) and the TR4 CQB-R (Gen 2)

Both good solid all metal rifles with a good FPS and blistering fire rate!

So damn sexy

ICS CXP Concept rifle. Cracking little CQB gun

King Arms Blackwater BW15 Carbine in a DMR role

King Arms AK-X47 with GP25 Launcher

KWA Kriss Vector GBB

Outstanding piece of kit, 2 rnd burst option just makes me giggle like a school girl :OP

CAW (craft apple works) M134 Minigun.

What a beast! pumps out those bb's at approx 80 a SECOND...scary!

Plan to pimp it out a little with a scratch built predator style back pack, feed belt and barrel guard with Ris rail, watch this space!

Working on the backpack for the Minigun now, the belt is gravity fed (7000rnds) so figures it would make more sense to mount the belt up top of the box. it can be re-filled in situ by a buddy simply pouring the ammo into the hopper at the top. The box holds all the essentials such as the battery, fuse box and a few spares. Slapped a little paint and fun stickers on there, just waiting for some straps so I can secure it onto the ALICE pack I have, updates soon as parts arrive!

Urban Assault Rifle (UAR). Fantastic concept rifle, very comfortable to shoulder, 3 mag release switches, fully ambi. cute little spring set-up which helps eject a spent mag to facilitate faster reloads!

'Ol painless' finished!

The RONI CAA pistol Carbine conversion kit. Solid quality product, just slip your GBB glock in there, clip it back together and your off with one sexy looking CQB'r. Everything adjustable on this little fella and check out the cheeky little spare mag clip...magic :)

Last picture shows size comparison compared to an MP7

Marui Hardkick Desert Eagle. Don't leave home without one!

Dan Wesson 6" hand cannon..sweeeeeet!

Thompson 1928 'Chicago Typewriter' classic!


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