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Super Dungeon Explore

A page show casing the excellent world of SDE and its amazing and fun Chibi style miniatures

Everything else Chibi too including Impact Miniatures Dungeon range!

Check out my custom made 3D boards here!

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King Starfire! First picture shows him compared to the original SDE Starfire and a hero figure. Big fella, stands 150mm!

Super Dungeon Explore! What a fun fun game and some pretty awesome unique style figures to boot!

Shown here are the Heroes, minions and Denizens of the core game

Above are Starfire and Rex, the boss and mini boss of this area. Also shown are the extras included such as the spawn point models and plenty if treasure chest, careful though. They can bite back!

All in all in my opinion offers amazing value for money considering the ammount of plastic you get in the box and looks like some real potential for expansion sets :)

Kaelly the Nether Strider mini boss

Fireflow Denizens! The first of 3 expansion packs for the exellent Super Dungeon Explore :)

Von Drakk Manor expansion!

Spawn points, Skullbats, Rattlebones and Dust mages


Rocktop gang finished, Turtle mounted cannons and shell hockey!

Von Drakk Manor Expansion!

Boneheads, Dread Knights, Curse Coven Witches,Succubus Vandella, Herald of Vulcanis, Von Drakk.


Caverns of Roxor contains the Rocktop gang, fireflow denizens, Roxor (boss), Rock gut, 3 new heroes and not to mention lots of new loot!

Von Drakk Manor Expansion!

Death Spectre, Nocturne (Von Drakk beast form), Crypt Spider, Von Wilder (Von Wilding beast form) and our three heroes, Sister of Light, Celestial Herald and Von Wilding!

IM Medusa. The smaller model is the original, the larger model is my creation using the IM parts from the giant snake, scorpion Priestess and of course the original Medusa head!


Impact Miniatures Minotaur. 70mm tall

New Heroes for SDE! Candy Cola and Nyan Nyan

That's all the Impact DnD gang finished!

Venger, his Knightmare Steed and Shadow Demon side-kick. And of course the big little man himself Dungeon Master!!

Cap'n R!

Impact miniatures Ettin, altogether now, awwwwwww

Impact Pit Demon ready to rumble!

Impact Hydra (Tiamat)

Impact Giant snake, Scorpion and Scorpion Queen

Finally got round to painting these SDE crossover minis!

Finally broke into that Forgotten King box..pulled out a Gori & friends!

Emerald Valley Warband all done!

Stilt Town Zombies Warband finished!

Claw of the Wyrm Warband and slimes done!

Few more heroes painted and ready for adventure!

Chimera gang all done!

Kodama gang, eat your vegetables before they eat you!

Mistmourne Trolls!

Salt and Faerie crew finished

Pets and chests, created my own 'boooiiing' bases to represent bouncing booty!

Beatrice the Witch Queen and buddies!

Testudo Towers and his little exploding buddies!



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