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1/43 (80cm in length) Diagostini Studio Scale falcon...with lots of extra stuff!

If you check out the Diagostini model you will notice that it only comes with the living quarters, a few access tubes and the cockpit, all limited in detail, I originally thought to myself I might 'add a little more detail to the living quarters (the big square room) well, that rapidly got out of control once I found some awesome 3d print files on Gambody for interior parts! The files were not made for this model so a lot of re-scaling, and scratch building were required to shoehorn them into this hull but it turned out OK and wa a lot of fun! I also added 30+LEDS to light the interior an additional 20 something fibre optics to the cockpit (some of these are blinking to create a cool effect). I will add a video at a later date...oh I also created a soundbox from an old kenner falcon in the guise of a thermal detonator for some added fun in games :)

If your wondering....strictly speaking its not THE falcon, its a converted YT-1300 freighter of which there are thousands throughout the galaxy, lets call it the 'Grumpy Tyke'. I intend to use it for RPG games also which is why I included a lot of hooks such as doors, secret rooms, etc to create situations to roleplay and game through, armoured doors for instance might prove a good barricade in Legion games. I don't even think its finished as if the RPG crew decide to install extras I may well model them in. There are some good reference pics in the Haynes manual of bolt on armour and small interceptor craft for instance, like the falcon itself this ship is going to tell a story of its own! The miniatures simply represent a few weirdos I picked up on a local planet, some annoying teen who has an unhealthy appr ciation of his sister and his dodgy looking 'uncle' (ssssay there ssssony). Personally I reckon I might kick them off at the next planet, they look like trouble



The exterior warts and all, she's seen a lot of action! Note the added ground Buzzer defense laser!


Bottom is just as pretty but considering I will probably never see it why did I bother!




The bum end of the old girl, note the secret room accessed from a panel in the storage bay, useful for those 'specialist' types of cargo when you don't want Imperial inspectors sticking their hooters in! Bunk room also has access to an additional security shielded living quarter when you need to transport the more 'interesting' characters around the galaxy. Looks like we just caught Chewie looking all smug after winning anothe game of Dejarik!

There are several different ways to get to the same place which means RPG within the old bird should throw up a lot of interesting situations, one of the reasons I added a few internal doors means you will have the option to break them/slice them or work out anothe fun way to gain access or stop entry! The ramp is actually powered by a motor and lights up when lowered, looks pretty cool but the troopers are still a bit wary of what might be lurking around up there! I also added a drop cargo ramp that simply slides underneath the rear of the ship. Again this adds another point of interest to the RPG element along with the hover bike and cargo skiff, have the gear will travel, no job too small, big or illegal!

The cockpit, the figures are not fixed permenantly as I intend to replace them with player characters and such, all adds to the immersion factor :)

I dispensed with the crappy 2D stickers in the gunners bay and sratched up some little 3D panels for a better look

Better view of that secret passenger bunk room, few supplies come free with transport charge for those longer than normal jouneys ;)

Few more random pics, crew chill out playing a game of Legion on possibly the smallest table in the Galaxy!

parked up and attepting to splice into an Imperial communications array, just another day in the Outer Rim!

The 'Grumpy Tyke' pulls into space port to a hostile Imperial reception. maybe we shouldn't have palmed those dodgy dvd players onto Vader last visit!


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