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40k Imperial fortress

Have been wanting some decent scenery for ages so finally got round to cobbling a few items together. First off the blocks will be an Imperial Fortress inspired by the excellent Forgeworld model, Once more unto the Breach!




Check out the Titan Company!!!!

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Titan April 09

Basic building blocks are down


Making a start on the towers

Basic shape is done, now to start adding some detail! Reaver and Baneblade shown for scale

Tools and materials used, top picture shows hot wire tools and the bottom shows the ranges of polystyrene used


First job was to make card templates for the commonly used parts. Carefully trace these onto the foam and cut out

Started to add some detail onto the wall and tower sections

The gate is now detailed

Nothing on the city sets was large enough for the arches I had made so managed to pick this little fella up from ebay for peanuts, little milliput magic and we have presentable statues for the fortress

Textured spray goes on, solvent free so totally safe for spraying onto foam



He may be ablke to limbo under the gatehouse?


The top of the towers lift off to allow figures to stand in there, plenty of room on the walls for the garrisons!

Started adding the details, the pillars are made from spare GW 'whippy' ruler sticks and sprues from model kits, all free!

Twin linked lascannons and heavy bolters will adorn the butress'




Fortress Bulldog!

Probably add a little more battle damage as time goes on

One of the Buttress mounted weapons and a close-up of one of the quad auto cannons mounted on the flak towers

The Ultra's on their way out to the pub!

The inside of the Fortress, the railings are spare city set ladders I had knocking about

The Crimson Ultrawings take up firing positions from one of the towers!

Always been a fan of the classic DoW listening posts so decided to dip into the bits box and with the aid of a Wall-E toy I came up with this!

Kept the upgradable aspect of the computer game so the weapons are magnetised so if you can gt a tech there and wait a turn or two you have a fully automated death dealing outpost!

Finally got round to painting the GW statues, little bit of Battlefield bling!



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