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Pre Heresy Stormbird Troop Transport

A project for GD09, this was based upon the only picture I could find of what is supposed to be the fabled 'Stormbird'!

While not wanting to waste the time and materials on an exact copy I mustered up what I already had to build a model which would be recognisable and keep to the spirit of the mighty troop transport!



The original picture of the Stormbird used for inspiration

The donor models. An Aurora class mech drop ship and a GI joe Dragonhawk

After parting the front and rear of the dropship (wont go to waste) the cargo section is hot glued into place beneath the Dragonhawk. Basic shape is there, we're off!


A little snipping and slicing later we have ourselves a ship looking somewhat like a porky offspring of a Terminator hunter-killer and the Dropship from aliens :O)

The Stormbird was supposed to be capable of orbital drops hence the flat underside and ramjets to help here climb with a full belly full of troops

6 access/deployment areas in all, one ramp at the front, one rear, and 4 side doors (2 on either side)

The original Stormbird was supposed to deploy 100 marines. I upped the anit a little and added the ability to transport two rhino sized support vehicles.


Stormbird next to a Thunderhawk gunship

panelling and detailing is all done


Again, simply cut from card

I plan on displaying th model mid drop, troops pouring from the doors and maybe a rhino drogue chuting out the back!

Note the engine access doors on the side


Topside defensive turret and nose mounted heavy bolters. Have used magnets to allow me to swap these around a little to twin linked lascannons and autocannon turrets.Note the grenade launcher on the side of the nose


All done and ready for some colour!


Got some paint on the old bird!

Next step will be to make a base and add some troops

Close up showing the 'beak' mounted linked heavy bolter

Crew strike the pose

Close-up of port side

Rear mounted twin linked lascannons

Sergeant Centimeter and the Tape-O-nought shown for scale

Memorial fly by space marine style!


All done and in position, dropping off Marines to deal with those pesky Orks!

Flying Rhinos!

Retros on full burn, hang on. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

The table so far...what could possibly be next!


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