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Warlord Titan ODIN

Stompy and I go back a long way so I decided it was time to bring him home and give him a good work over!

Stats and measurements to follow

Check out the fly around movie!

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The battle for Golgotha had raged on for 3 years, neither side gaining much ground before they were viciously pushed back to their defensive positions leaving only the dead on the scorched, crater scarred no mans land

For the last 3 weeks however the status quo had changed dramatically. The heretical forces had received numerous chaos marine squads and several dark mechanicus machines. Their influence had spread terror amongst the defending forces, the Imperial Guard unable to field anything that could withstand the devastating power of the mighty engines.

The ease at which the Titans picked their way through the Imperial lines would soon bring this conflict to a terrible and dark conclusion, Golgotha MUST NOT fall to the dark forces of the warp.

Commander Belial stood next to the breach of the field gun, he looked out across the broken land before him, as he panned the binocs they automatically focused and adjusted to the dim light and gloom. Occasionally picking out the infra red signature of an infantryman, nothing to worry about he thought to himself, the guns would cut anything down that attempted to cross the killing fields. Knowing the mighty engines of the Dark mechanicus were out there picking off what was left of the Imperial heavy cavalry filled him with a smug confidence that dragged a ragged grin across his face.

‘Sir' the Auspex operator momentary looked up from his post ‘we have strange readings, the scrap code identifies Diablo Inferno, a scout class engine approaching, it's speed is not consistent with its classification'

‘What the hell do you mean' Belial bellowed at the cowering officer ‘make sense man!'

‘Sir, the readings say it is approaching at 4 times its maximum listed speed!'

Belial growled at the officer, ‘probably just a glitch in the readings'

Grabbing his field binocs he surveyed the area the readings were indicating the approaching engine. Nothing but the dark mist of battle stretched before him, created by endless burning wrecks. Wait! What was that, bearing 275, he zoomed in the binocs on a disturbance in the gloom.

Belial dragged his face away from the binocs and wiped his eyes, that must have been an optical illusion caused by the clouds of swirling mist. He looked back intently pressing the scope to his face. My God, What the hell was going on? Before him in the distance he made out the outline of one of the mechanicus scout engines but it wasn't as it should be. Cart wheeling towards him, 30 or 40 feet above the ground, its long reverse jointed legs flailing helplessly trying to find purchase on the thin air that surrounded it. As Belial watched it careered into a large burned out vehicle, one of its legs was torn away spinning wildly away before crashing down throwing up dust and battlefield detritus.

The rest of the engine continued towards him, tumbling and tearing itself to pieces as it repeatedly smashed into the ground bouncing back high into the air with every sickening crunch.

Less than a hundred feet from Belials post the mutilated machine ground to a halt, it's snout ploughing deep into the ground flipping it onto it's back, the stump of its remaining leg twitched 2 or 3 times then everything fell silent.

‘SIR! We have something BIG incoming'!

Belial wiped the sweat from his forehead and clamped the binocs to his face once again.

He once more scanned the gloom, there! He saw the second scout engine moving towards him from the mist, zooming in once again on the image he could see something else. Something attached to the top of the engine, What the? It was a hand? A huge metallic hand clutching tightly onto the limp and lifeless mecanicus scout engine.

The rest of the monstrosity followed the hand out of the mist. Belial's nocs registered the enemy engine as nearly 300 feet tall and 150 feet across, he had never seen anything like it, bristling with weaponry the ground began to shake as it closed on their position. The bright yellow head piercing the mist hunched low below its carapace. It looked like a predator hunting it's prey. It's legs adorned with flames appearing as if it had marched from the very gates of hell itself.

As Belial watched, throat dry, unable to tear himself away from the field binocs he saw the great head turn towards him, looking right at his defensive post.

‘TURN OFF THE AUSPEX!' he screamed at the operator, unable to disguise the terror in his voice.

Looking once more towards the God machine he watched as the huge carapace-mounted plasma weapon turned towards him until he was looking right down the barrels. He saw the weapon glow with energy, lightning crackling around it.

‘Too late' he thought, feeling a warm trickle down his leg. The sky around him became day, his skin began to peel from his body as he felt his blood begin to boil. Everything went black

Warbringer Engine Odin had arrived. Golgotha would soon be ours….



Odin's gets a refit and a puppy!

Finally got round to working on those legs. Widened and thicked to look more in proportion with the rest of Odin

Also filled in a few blank spaces with piping and other gubbins

Added some push lights to the underneath of the carapace to illuminate the details. Of course while I had him home I figured I may as well rustle up a few more seals for the old boy!

A Titan Power fist just isnt complete without another crushed Titan in I say!

Remember children. A Warhound is for life, not just for Xmas ;O)

Painted pics to follow soon as I find some time!



Odin gone through this latest re-fit and is now back in residence at the Wakefield Games Workshop

Have transfered the volcano cannon for a Power claw jsut to change things for a little while :O)


Those people down there, they look just like ants!

Filled in a few of the blank spaces this time round, the chest got an Imp eagle and some point defense weapons. The legs got some serious bulking out and lots of piping and detail work

I also added some under carapace mood lighting. You never know when you need to entertain guests...

Of course the Orks are back to what they do best!

The crushed Warhound got a lick of paint too





The re-fitted Volcano cannon, spot the pot noodle tub!

Close up of the Volcano cannon showing the Gantry, note the 25mm figure for an idea of the size of this thing!

The Re-modelled Gatling Blaster, brought up to par with the excellent new reaver pattern, much happier with this :O)

Pipe, toilet rolls and bottle caps, those years of Blue Peter and double sided sticky tape did not go to waste!

That teeny thing stood next to the Gatling Blaster is the new Forgeworld reaver standing 16 inches high!

Little bit more detail added to the Barrage launcher

More pot noodle tubs!

It's a looooong way downAnyone else freaked out by all those teddy bear eyes looking back at you?

These are the carapace mounted weapons, didnt want to go too OTT as anything above the head is around 8 feet in the air and cant be seen anyway!

I was raised and trained in a Shaolin Temple deep in the deepest interior of Tibet, luckily they watched a lot of Blue Peter

And so I was able to craft this Vortex missile from bottles, card and th power of my mind

It also delivers a wicked cargo of isatonic orange flavoured drink...

Started work on the carapace, the eagle was a bit naff but proved to be rather messy to try and remove so I opted for option 2. Cover it up with more fancy bits!

The underside of the carapace, some gantries and 'industry' added for interest


One of the colossul cooling vents on the carapace

Few more wires and things

The void shield generators are attached using magnets so they can be removed added as the shields are taken down/power up..funky uh!

Left hand side of the torso, note the princep right up there in the top right corner!

Right hand Torso, there are 4 LED spotlights fitted to alluminate the battlefield!

Little extra detail added to the head

The top of the head can now be removed to reveal the command deck detail

The 'eyes' all have individual LED's and light up!

Also added ribbed tubing to the neck joint to bulk it out a bit

Command deck, all the instrument panels will be lit up and illuminate the interior on teh finished model

Top down view showing the layout of the control deck

Little more detail added to the rear of the legs

The rear of the waist, the piping is more functional. Made from aluminium tubing to help brace the whole structure considering the extra weight of the re-fit!

Left leg

Front of the waist area

Detail on the weapon mount

Finally finished updating him!

Now onto the painting!


Cute aint he

Think I will call him "Odin"

See what happens when you plant an old epic titan and water it regularly?

That aint a 25mm miniature at his feet, thats the Forge world reaver!

he has glowy bits too!

eye eye

Finished working on the command deck

Added a little mood lighting too!

Front console, you can probably just work out the rolling hills and multiple crosshairs ready to rain destruction down upon the enemy!

The princeps sat on his 'throne' big show off

Its the shackletons easy rider Titan special, buy now pay nothing until next millenium

Odin in all his destructive glory!

The marines attempt to repel borders as the Orks storm!

Close up of volcano cannon 'Tyr', note the servitors going about their daily business

Underside of the carapace complete with gantries

Captain Ted orders his troops into battle

Some of the many campaign seals that adorn the mighty machine!

Close up showing the marines in action

rear of the titan

Close up of the waist area, he has been on the slimfast

Close up of the Gatling cannon 'Thor'

Bristling with activity

One of the Servitors warming his dinner up in the microwave

One of the two AA mounted hydra turrets

Note the removable void shield generators on the rear of the carapace

A servitor checked out the view

'Loki' the barrage launcher

Yellow head? Maybe he is some relation to Homer?

Crapace mounted weapons

Tech servitor 'Bob' joins the crew on deck

Mood lighting, stop touching my leg bob

Glowy eyes!

More of those Pesky Orks!

Note the Servitor coming down in the service lift, looks like he drew the short straw to put the cat out. New knacker banner too

Giant spotlights light up the battle field before him!


Banner still to be attached, theres a little biddy marine stood on there to give you an idea of the size!


I picked up these two WWII quad 50 cals for 9 quid each!

I figured with a little tinkering they would make smashing Hydra AA turrets for the titan

All done and ready for duty!

great thing about them is they can be removed and used as static emplacements in games or mounted to other vehicles...how about a Baneblade AA platform!


When 4 HUUUUGE weapons just aren't enough, stick two more on there!

Say hello to the Super Turbo laser blaster brothers!

Super Turbo laser blasters in place and ready to, erm, Super Turbo blast I guess!

Odin towers over the foot troops!!

Odin gets some Pinchy Power!

Can ya see what it is yet? All the basic parts made and ready for assembly

The fist cowel was made from two parts

See that little guy near the elbow...that's a 40k marine!

Close-up sowing some of the detail. The finger/wrist/elbow and shoulder joints all have range of movement

Bottom picture shows the claw next to the 16 inch tall Forgeworld Reaver!!!

'Hey Fred, you sure we got the right part number??!!'

Odin has a message to all the enemies of the Emperor!

Little bit of colour added

ready for mounting!

Yeah, that's a real 1/1 scale hand there!


Odin get's his new Close combat weapon!


All the joints are moveable -strike the pose

Close up showing the 'gubbins'

One of those arty film noir shots

Come on, be honest, would you say deploying a devastator squad ON a titan is power gaming? Like you wouldnt if you could!!!

Deep strike Crimson Ultrawings style!


Pretty sure this might constitute an additional 3+ save?



Super Mega Plasma Blaster of Ultimate Chaffing!

The basic blaster, I based it on the Warhound variant only BIGGER!

Much bigger!

Little paint slapped on

And ready to be mounted...

Smaller blasters to front on this configuration

Or lets just put the big guns up front where they can be seen and scare the Heretical pants off the enemy!


Think that's it for now!



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