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Eldar Warlock Titan

Classic Armorcast Warlock Titan, figured with all the money I had saved scratch-building the rest of the gear would treat myself!

"Warlock Titans are the apex of Eldar engineering. Focusing the power of many Farseers and Warlocks interred withing their wraithbone core, Warlock Titans can harness horrific psychic power. They are a more potent variant of the Phantom class and move witha grace, speed and fore-knowledge that is seemingley impossible for a Vehicle of their size. Warlocks are crewed by the rare and unusual Eldar titan clansmen. Often twins or even rarer triples, the titan clansmen forma single mental consciousness with the spirits within the titan's wraithbone core. In this manner, the Warlock's move with perfect grace and operate with the reflexes of a living thing as opposed to the lumpen movements of the other races machines. Armed with the most deadly weaponry their craftworlds can provide, including the dreaded mind-scrubbing psychic lance, and protected behind a veil of holofields, Warlocks are masters of the the battlefield. Each a terrible foe, equal to the Warlords titans of the Imperium

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Mutual Enemies

The gigantic machine threaded its way between the flaming wreckage with undeniable grace. In the cockpit Lo'Par frowned as he surveyed the battlefield. All around him lay the corpses of his brethren, Twisted wreckage of Eldar vehicles pock marked the area and ahead of him stood the Tau raiding party, bristling with weaponry, all pointed at him. Yes, he thought to himself, this day my brothers and I would join the spirits and he would be sure that when they did the last thing they would see was the fear in the faces of the Tau facing them.

He pushed forward in giant strides towards the enemy….

3 clicks away behind a ridge Tex watched the Eldar Titan on his holo-screen, hypnotized by its flowing, almost human movement, in the back of his mind he still knew it was a deadly killing machine built for one reason and one reason only, he continued to watch the unfolding events as background chatter echoed in his ear.

Lo'Par pushed forward, a ball of plasma screamed passed him to his right, the holo-fields had done their job, at this distance it would be nigh on impossible to lock onto the shimmering ghostly outline of the huge machine. One of Lo'Par's triplets returned fire, Lo'Par looked upon the enemy from his brothers viewpoint joined in the combined consciousness of the spirit stones within the Titan. He watched as the weapon locked onto a large ugly looking vehicle, atop sat a gun impossibly large for the vehicle that supported it, ‘no beauty,‘ he thought to himself ‘flowing curves scarred by angles and imbalance'. Pure white energy leapt from one of the Titans weapon. To others it simply looked like pure destructive energy, to Lo'Par's attuned physic mind he looked into the light and saw the mass of spirits writhing within, clawing their way towards the enemy, it by passed the vehicles shields as if they did not exist and passed effortlessly though the solid hull. Within Lo'Par could see the full horror, the spirits washed around the crew within, dragging their screaming souls into the ether, the Tau tank came to a halt

Tex looked on, the enemy fire grew more accurate with every salvo, it wouldn't be long before they found their mark and as graceful as it was even the Eldar war machine would not be able to survive for long under the overwhelming onslaught of heavy fire.

“awww to hell with it, I aint missing out on a good fight” Tex threw the Duke forward, it picked up pace in a few strides and topped the brow of the hill in seconds heading headlong into the flank of the Tau forces.

“WHAT THE?” Commander Vaughn screamed into the com “GODS'S BALLS TEX, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, STAND DOWN, NOW SOLDIER” He knew his words were lost, Tex may have been unorthodox in his ways but even he had to admit he was a damn good soldier and had proven himself time after time

“Aint no way I am standing by and watching that fella get blown to pieces Sir, not when we can tip the balance in our favour and use him as a distraction for a surprise attack”

Tex actually had a point, while the massed guns were pointed at the Eldar they where NOT pointed at the imperial forces, ‘Mortis, cover him, do what you have to do but DO NOT take your eyes off that Eldar'

The gigantic Imperial machine lurched forward, as it passed over the brow of the hill one weapon began to pan and track the movements of the Eldar Titan while the others locked onto independent targets within the Tau force.

Lo'Par closed on his prey, he dodged to one side as a plasma ball passed overhead and to his right, the giant machine followed suit and gracefully swept down and low without breaking stride. A second ball of destruction found its mark, the Titan rocked on its feet but kept its forward momentum, he felt the pain of the Titans spirit screaming from within the spirit stones on board, his machine was dying.

Tex tore into the flank of the Tau, they were taken totally by surprise, 2 smaller support vehicles exploded under a hale of battle-cannon fire before they even realised what was happening. A larger assault vehicle vaporised as the Reaver's guns found its target.

Lo'Par enjoyed a reputation amongst his men for being prepared for anything in battle but even he could not hold the surprised thoughts from his kindred “it seems we have company brothers”

He watched, with slight admiration, as the smaller brutish looking Imperial machine danced through the Tau lines, even he had to admit that the walker possessed not so much grace but a ruthless efficiency in the way it was dealing death amongst their mutual enemy.

Tex rammed the muzzle of his battle cannon into the cockpit visor of the tank and opened fire, the hull buckled outwards as the contents were obliterated into a million broken parts of machine and bodies. He swept his chain-blade downwards onto a Tau transport and sliced it clean in two, the fire warriors tumbled free of their ride dazed and confused, before they could come to their senses the return arc of the blade ended their days.

Lo'par's brothers targeted vehicle after vehicle, a squad of Tau warriors were obliterated under a hail of missile fire that snaked from the Titans shoulder launcher, yet another Tau tank plowed into the ground, smoke bellowing out of a huge hole in its side, the crew crawled out before death caught them up.

Lo'Par stepped astride the ruined vehicle and twisted to engage another target, he paused, scanning the grounds before him, nothing moved.

The combined Imperial and Eldar forces had made short work of the raiding party; the crackling of burning wreckage and the moans of dying Tau broke the silence of the battlefield now and then. Now the 3 gigantic machines faced each other, Lo'Par knew that from this range a direct hit would be the end of his wounded Titan, they watched and waited.

Suddenly the smaller of the two Imperial machines swept up its chain-blade in what he could only describe as a salute, from within a large brutish man emerged and began to make his way on foot towards his Titan

“WHAT THE?” Commander Vaughn once again stared at the com screen in disbelief, he watched as Tex walked over to the Eldar Titan and held his hand out in a friendly gesture. The huge Eldar machine paused for a few seconds then bowed gracefully and lowered its head, the visor flickered then lowered, and a tall elegant Eldar stepped forward

Tex looked at the Eldar before him, Tex was a huge gorilla of a man but the man in front of him still stood head and shoulders above him, the Eldar walked forward with unnatural grace for a frame of his size until the two warriors stood only feet from each other.

“Good battle fella, looks like we sent those bunch of space monkeys to their maker” A grin spread across Tex's face “Not long ago I was outnumbered and alone, much the same as you, these guys came to my help too and gave me a reason to fight on and make a difference”

Lo'Par looked on and listened with interest, his translator conveyed every word of the primitive sounds into the poetic language of his people

“Now, as I see it” Tex continued “ we have a common cause, we have mutual enemies, we have plenty of payback to hand around and a combined force we can make them hurt, so what you say to joining in the fun”

Tex winked and stretched his hand closer to the Eldar

Lo'Par looked around, death surrounded him, his kindred lay dying or dead and the man called Tex was right, he was alone, if it hadn't been for the intervention of the Imperial machines he too would be no more. Maybe a temporary truce with the Emperors children might allow him the vengeance he deserved, yes, this man called Tex talked sense. He reached out and grabbed Tex's hand “vengeance will be ours”

Commander Vaughn fell back into his chair, looking at the com screen in disbelief “Well I'll be damned”…


The finished beast, around 22 inches high!

Close up showing head detail

'Lo'par's brothers targeted vehicle after vehicle, a squad of Tau warriors were obliterated under a hail of missile fire that snaked from the Titans shoulder launcher, yet another Tau tank plowed into the ground, smoke bellowing out of a huge hole in its side, the crew crawled out before death caught them up. '

The knees were cut an slightly re-modelled to give a more crouched combat ready look

Detail of knot work on shoulder panel

View showing the holo-field generators

Didnt really have a plan of the colours, I just played by ear as I went!

Looks like it came out in Biel-tan style!

The wrecked Tau tank at its feet

Close up showing knot work on the legs

Another close up showing head detail, note the missile launcher in the left shoulder

nice side view

Top marks go to Bell of lost souls for some great banner templates!

More knot work

right shoulder

one of the Titans elegant weapons

Close up showing jewels

More of the tau tank, note the dead crew!

That's gotta smart

Knacker banner

All done and dusted, another one for the shelves!


Lo'Par and his brothers at the feet of their machine!



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