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Storm Eagle "Iron Horse" Super heavy Drop ship/Transport

Based on a GI joe toy, this just seemed a waste if it wasnt converted into something for the Titan Legion!

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The basic out of the box toy, its got lights n sound n stuff!

All the white bits n bobs in place and ready for blacking up

Two crew members

Rear twin heavy bolter turret

an innocent looking cargo box?

No! A new experimental Imperial Rapid Response Mobile Fortress! (RRMF)

Also slides nicely over my Super heavy vehicles, not the front manned turret too


Splashed a little paint and it's all done!

Close-up showing the pilots

Business end

Front twin-linked ehavy bolter turret

top down view

Cockpit canopy open, think one of those guys may have let rip

"Iron Horse" Logo


View showing twin-linked heavy bolter rear turret

Tail-plane detail

rear view

It is also capable of carrying 4 missiles or various abilities depending on operations

The lift thrusters rotate too!

smile for the camera

Side view clearly showing front and rear defensive turrets and missle ordnance

Mobile Rapid response Fortress loadout

Ready to airlift a Stormblade into the theatre of operations

Marines disembark from the Storm Eagle


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