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Chaplain Titan-Brother Humongus or the Warprunners

Some of the most ancient and reverred Titans in existance, once, all Titan orders had their own Chaplian Titan but now only a few battle-scarred behemoths remain. Only deployed where there is a deep seated heretic or chaotic influence and the will of the Emperor must be imposed to insure victory on the battlefield. Because of their high moral and spiritual value (it is said that each Chaplian Titan containes the pure essence and blood of the Emporer) they are very rarely seen without at the very least a Warlord and Reaver escort

Brother Humongus is Garrisoned by Bishop Ralph of the Ginger order and Brother Barry, they have spread the word and imposed the will of the Emporer throughout many worlds and systems along with distibuting countless gallons of Tea and many tons of custard creams


OK, purely fictional fiction on my behalf but hey, every unit needs its own spiritual input and a 100 foot vicar sporting a power glove and plasma blaster has to fill you with a little faith, surely!

Initially scratched my head wondering how I was going to approach the painting. As it happens just dived in one afternoon and decided to make it look like a Marine Chaplain, after all he is a Chaplain Titan!


Those aint ants by his feet they are gaurd!

Close-up showing slightly changed configuration from the original plans

Picture showing size in relation to a warhound

All the detail applied, 2 40k building packs and lots of things from the bits box!

Rear pic showing detail on the chapel, hopefully all the windows will be 'stained' glass too!

More detail of the pulpit, I built a little lectern to plant a bible on so the preacher can strut his stuff!

Leg detail, the ball will eventually end up as a huge spiked Insence burner

The smaller private chapels which make up the shoulder mounts

Looking up at the big fella!

Blacked up and all teh detail has been brought in nicely, was a little worried at first that I had gone a little crazy and the titan was too busy, am happy with the results and looking forward to painting Brother Humongus now :O)

The little guy at this feet is a 40k Priest

Better crack out my airbrush and get to work, I have planets to convert!

Brother Humongus! Stands 30 inches in the real world

Just point me to the heretics!

Close up showing the head

Plenty of copper on that roof, better watch out for the bog-trotting caravan folk....


Close-up showing the battle banner and tome of light

Note all the stained glass windows, classy uh?

Showing chapel on the rear

more stained glass! About 40 windows in total

Purity seals on the powerfist

Bishop Ralph does a rant

Bishop Ralph STILL ranting

Brother Barry bobs out for some more Custard Creams


The 'Insense burner' also doubles as a huge flail of holy death

Hasnt he grown?

Raaaargh, snaarl, flaring of nostrils

Close up of one of the Purity seals

The big shooty thingy, handy if the congregation dont want to leave tips

Rear of the chapel, or technically speaking the churches bum


Humongus, Reaver and Warhound showing the relative sizes compared to each other, Mr Stompy stands roughly 2 1/2 times the size of Humongus!



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