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The Space Sharks!

Part of an ongoing commission, lots of titans and vehicles to follow!

I will add some fluff when I have some spare time!




The first of several Knight Titans in the service of the mighty SPAAACEEE SHAAAARKS!

Second one finished, 'Fred' thinks he may have stepped into something nasty!

Added a little extra eye candy to this one, a few cables here and there and some added studdage inspired by the new FW Tyberos figure

Three down....Three to go!

Knight Titan 4! Decided to go for a more dynamic running pose for this chap

Knight Titan 4! 'They don't like that Thermal Lance up 'em'!


The first of two Warhounds (the other is a FW)


Flying fish!

I have built it with a modular breakdown in mind to make shipping and transport easy (it can't really fly you know) ;)

The FW is a very nice kit and surprisingley HUGE measures in at approx 18" x 18"!

Some Detail shots


Some interior detail, check out the copy of 'Rogue Trader' someone had to leave in a hurry!


Forgeworld Lucius pattern Warhound

Big daaawg!

Sharks on the hunt..

Titan six finished!


Close Air Support in the shape of two Imperial Lightnings. Every shark needs its TEETH!

Cockpit detail and natural light shot

Thunderbolt, terror of the skies!

Marauder Bomber - BIG BIRD!

The wingsd are pinned to allow for easy transport

Dorsal turret and picture showing all the parts...great build!

The Aquila Lander, when you need to impress. Also available for stag nights...

A choice of nose mounted weapons and a close up of the pilot and crew

Lightning number Three!!!

The Sharks get some heavy armour in the form a Macharius!

Classic Armorcast Baneblade/Shadowsword


Forgeworld Baneblade

Games Workshop Baneblade


Games Workshop Stormlord

The mighty and ancient Fellblade joins the battle!

FW Storm Eagle

One more Shark hound!

FW Vulture Joins the battle!

The Caestus Assault Ram from Forgeworld

2 Forgeworld Spartans join the battle!

Really solid (and heavy!) all resin kits

Forgeworld Space Marine Achilles enters the fray!

Forgeworld Avenger Strike Fighter

First 3 Talons, 3rd Company red group

Look cool with blades!

Second set of 3 Talons, 5th Company Black group

FW Fellblade...big fella!

FW Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

Another Baneblade added!!!!

The Space Shark Experimental X-301!

The Excellent Puppets War Dragonfly, few bits added to 40K it up and all painted in the wonderful Space Shark 'Desert grey' :p

Scratch-built Scout vehicle (I didnt build, just painted it)

Should look quite smart with a crew onboard!

Shark Redeemer

Forgeworld Sicaran

Dust Pelican painted up Shark style 'X-302' early experimental lightning

First 3 of 10 Dreadnoughts!

3 More dreads!

2 more dreads and a Castellan

Space Sharks, final 3 including a veteran and Chaplain!

ForgeWorld Space Marine Legion Sicaran Venator

Space Marine Land Speeder Tempest

Fire Raptor, look at those BFG'S!!!

Sharks get some real HEAVY cavalry!

Say hello to Leviathan 'Big Chief'!

I didnt build this fella, simply painted him but to whoever DID make him, grats on an absolutely cracking job :)

Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee all done!


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