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The Grey Knights

Troops and heroes to follow!


I will add some fluff when I have some spare time!



Glorior the Grey Knight Titan Strutts it's stuff

More pictures here!

The Dreadnought

The new FW Grey Knight Landraider, quite a nice model

Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex and his retinue



Terminator Squad Finished, OTT blast effect for the pyscannon, well ya gotta aint ya :O)



Full 10 man squad of Grey Knights finished

Gloria joined her smaller battle brothers to rid this rock of the Heretics!

Captain Stern leads the Terminator assault!

The Grey Knights push forward laying down a hail of fire

Lord Inquisitor looks all inquisity

Terminators pile in to help Rex give the Chaos Lord a jolly good thrashing

Don't trip over the rock!

GK's take 5 to strike the pose

Land raider offers supporting fire

Rex's personel transport discourges death and righteous attitude to its enemies

Talk to the shield coz the Emperor aint listening


Deamonettes tweak their nipples in defiance...

Gloria squares up to a machine abomination

Rex mixes it up with enemy boss

The chaos machine looks down on his prey...

Time to expand the Knights, starting with a range of Assassins!

A unit of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

Close-ups of the Rhino personal transport

Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz and his buddies prep for a party


Cherubs...the acceptable face of child labour

Coteaz decided that he needed a pimped ride to take him to the party. The Stormtroopers 'obliged'


Stormtroopers Rhino Upgraded to a Razorback armed with twin-linked Pyscannons


2 Purgation Squads armed with incinerators and Psycannons

2 of 3 fast attack squads

One of the Terminator sqauds has been upgraded to pack a bigger punch sporting two Psycannons!

Not wanting to break up the uniform nature of a GK army I opted for a subtle approach to distingiush troops in the maelstrom of battle, note the helmet crests are colour coded...cunning uh?

GW Acolytes seem to be selling for silly money on ebay so I sourced these two cheaper alternatives which after having a couple of GK icons botched onto the banners provide a nice alternative (think they are from the Warjack range)


Added a few extra details to the standard kit on this one and decided to incorperate a little colour

Figured that way it can double as a personal transport for Lord Rex and not look out of place in rank n file!

The 3rd raider variant in the armoury is another Redeemer

I pinned the sponsons rather than glueing to allow me some flexability with weapon loadouts. Here we see the Crusader variant

And my own play on the Prometheus pattern Raider

The final fast attack squad 'squad blue'

5 more Terminators to add to the deepstrike lovin'!

Dreadnought 'Terry'. Shown with a variety of weaponry choices and a 'roast n toast' variant equipped with twin flamestorm cannons!

The Grey Knight receive some heavy metal from the skies!

I tried to keep the metallic silver theme of the rest of the force , Thunderhawk incoming Psycannons blazing!

Close up of Psycannon sponson and battlecannon crew

Note the psyk out launcher, a must for rapid assault! also note the full compliment of missiles

The bum end. Close up of Psycannon sponson showing eagles head fancy stuff

Someone's day is about to get a whole lot worse!

The Grey Knights aquire a Stormraven!

Uh Oh, here comes trouble!

Note the Dreadnought attached in limbered position ready for a tactical drop

Another Excellent Mini from Scibor, will be using this chap as an Inquisitor Lord me thinks!

Couple more offerings from Scibor here. Should make nice hero figures for the Greys


Couple more offerings from the Scibor camp, these should make nice Heroes for the new codex!

The first of two Dreadknights I reckon

Decided to use the Scibor miniatures as my Paladins as they are much bigger than the GW models and look the part. They are representational by the way, I realise they cannot have shields so lets just use our imaginations a little ;)

Castellan Crowe and Lord Kaldor Draigo, supreme Grand Master

Deathcult Assassins, Jokaero and an example of some of the possible henchmen from the new Codex

2nd of a possible 3 Dreadknights!

Painted up a Brotherhood Banner for the Paladin squad

Also bought an Aegis defense line to use the Autocannons for one of the Dreads

Finally had a little play with the funky effect on the force blades, not particularly a fan on mass as IMO it tends to look a little too busy but for the odd character model it should look nice!

Inquisitor Karamazov joins the battle!

2 more Scibor 'Paladins' added, starting to look like a formidable force now!

2 more Paladins!


The Fantastic Dreamforge Lethiathan Crusader makes an excellent substitute for a pumped up Dreadknight or GK Titan!



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